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Executive Summary –

Our mission is to provide fashionable COVID19 masks. And to help families and communities protect themselves with an array of COVID19 necessities all in a one stop online shop.


COVID19 Necessities Inc. is a retail start-up one stop online shop for all your fashionable as well as practical protective pandemic products. We are located at 921 East 228th street in the north Bronx at our high school the Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship, room 243. We employ over twenty-nine associates, six middle managers and two senior managers. We are incorporated as a C corporation with the main advantage being “…low tax rates on the first $75,000 of annual income for a non-Personal Services Corporation” together with superior fringe benefits for owner-employees.  https://www.thetaxadviser.com/issues/2007/oct/advantagesofaccorporation.html


Currently, demand is high for our products. Our primary products are masks. Customers will have the ability to customize their own masks using websites tools and submitting images that we will have silk screened onto their chosen mask. We also have an array of fashionable designer masks for our fashion conscious consumers. Plus, we have created personal COVID19 kits with an assortment of personal protective products. These products are neatly packed into a customizable fanny pack. Customers will have variety of fanny packs to choose from that they can customize exactly like our mask customization process. 


In addition, we have created home and office COVID19 necessities packages (bundles) which can include the follow products: N95 masks, surgical masks, nitrile gloves, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, face shields, forehead infrared thermometers, germicidal disinfectant, electrostatic backpack sprayers, ultraviolet-light devices for disinfecting phones and other small items and at home COVID19 test kits.


Some of our short terms goals are as follows: 

    • create from scratch a user friendly website by December 1, 2020

    • prepare for the eventuality of slowly winding-up our business

    • achieve the following sales projections: (holiday sales)

        • $60,000 from our website for Dec. and Jan. 

        • $50,000 from the Dec. National Trade Show

        • $120,000 from non-VE sales for Dec.

        • $60,000 from the Jan. Regional Trade Show

  • contemplate reopening as a new business 


Some of our long term goals are as follows:

    • further enhancing our website particularly our product customization tools   

    • achieve the following sales projections:

        • $75,000 from our website for Feb., Mar., Apr and May 

        • $100,000 from the Feb. and Apr. National Trade Show

        • $50,000 from our Mar. Regional Trade Show

  • implement new business plan

  • start the slow wind-up of our business

Our primary target market in the virtual world centers around VE Jr. and VE high school employees who are Gen Zer’s like ourselves. We will target them mostly by social media (snapchat and You Tube) since that is the way we communicate the majority of the time. Our secondary target market would be non-VE customers who will be a mix of adults: teachers, school staff and parents. This group will be a mix of Millennials, Gen Xer’s and Baby Boomers. We will market to them using broader social media platforms like Facebook and other targeted websites. Plus, more traditional forms of marketing like direct mail (brochures, letters & fliers).


In the real world our primary target market would be Millennials. Who are typically “…22 – 37 in 2018 and are delaying or foregoing marriage…” Since many in this group have not settled down we expect them to be adventurous. Many are higher educated with “…39% of those ages 25 to 37 having a bachelor’s degree or higher.” We feel that being higher educated and adventurous means spending more money on vacations that would be why we would make them our primary target. 



The first and main question advisors have been asking about our venture is what will happen to your business when the pandemic is over. Our answer is that we will continue to earn as much revenue as possible while the pandemic is raging. As we transition into a period where vaccines are available and sales dwindle we will slowly wind-up our business. However, this period of time could be prolonged because there will still be demand for our products although much less than during the pandemic. It will be a matter of how long we can stay significantly ahead of our breakeven point.